Whether it is General Cargo or specialized goods such as pharmaceuticals, automobiles or electronics, CSL has extensive experience in providing Risk Management services to a vast array of industrial products.  

Our work has focused on providing Manufacturers, Suppliers, Transportation Providers and Insurers with detailed reviews of risks encountered through a cargo’s journey.  

We understand the nature of risk at all the different touchpoints of a Cargo moving through the Supply Chain. Our aim is to give a full review of exposures and propose reasonable and practical solutions. 

The various areas on which we focus include: 

·  Manufacturers/Suppliers inwards/outwards procedures

·  Truckers 

·  Warehousing 

·  Ocean/Air 

·  Security  

·  Specialist handling 

·  Packing

·  Route Planning

·  Vetting of transportation providers

We can provide bespoke, auditable programs that give a client future controls and planning to identify and reduce exposures.