Helping insurers, brokers and their clients to improve supply chain risk

Stock Throughput accounts with difficult or deteriorating loss experiences? Addressing insurance losses, poor risk performance and global risk exposures, CSL works with all parties to evaluate the overall supply chain risk within defined operational and financial parameters to reduce losses in the supply chain.

Global supply chains are highly complex, logistically and contractually with multiple risks to personnel and cargo. These exposures arise at storage locations and during transit and are further impacted by geographical, geopolitical factors, crime and misappropriation exposure creating a volatile risk environment.

• Complex, multiple third parties & modes of transport
• Multiple global storage and transit exposures
• Risk accumulation & increased location values
• Increased moral & misappropriation risk
• Fraud risk management
• Increased volatility in global supply chains
• Specific industry, new industry & new technology risks
• Cost reductions, greater compliance, Health & Safety & CSR

Any combination of these supply chain issues can result in unforeseen and increased risk profile causing delay or losses which represent financial risk to insurers and operational, reputational and financial risk to the client.

Business Impact

• Increasing risk profile (individual risks and portfolio)
• Attritional losses eroding loss ratios, increased potential for large loss
• Large losses and potential for loss accumulation
• Increased total loss exposure
• Loss of reputation, market share and uninsured financial risk for clients

CSL Global Supply Chain Risk Management

We work with clients to undertake independent supply chain risk management and security plan reviews to ensure existing plans are realistic, actionable, workable, transferable and agile.
Our output is based on current industry experience and intelligence and our way of working is collaborative and non-prescriptive.

The objective is to review, assess and improve plans and provide consultative support to the implementation phases to aid continuous improvement and reacting to changing circumstances.

• Bespoke client supply chain review
• Evaluation of existing risk management plans
• Location reviews
• Data and loss analysis
• Regional / Global risk overview
• Risk mitigation and remedial action report

There is more information available in the CSL Cargo Conversations podcasts and in our Useful Information page here.

The CSL Supply Chain Risk Management leaflet.

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