New US branch network (23rd November 2020)

CSL Global Ltd is pleased to announce the opening of 2 new branch offices in New York and New Orleans. As part of this expansion, the company has employed 11 experienced marine survey operations personnel who were previously employed by MMK International Marine Services Inc., a long-standing marine claims services provider.

The new survey personnel will form part of CSL Global’s integrated global survey team, with existing branch office and franchise operations in the UK, SE Asia, Latin America and Europe, and continuing our focus on offering a range of specialist marine, engineering, security and cyber security services.

Commenting on the recent changes, Jason Gibbons, Director of CSL Global Ltd said “The addition of the US branches and the addition of claims capability, brings improved operational capability and efficiency, and is an important, positive step for our people and our clients. This is an exciting time for the company as we also roll out our new transportation and infrastructure project security and cyber security risk management solutions.”