CSL Engineering provides risk surveying and loss control services specifically aimed at the ‘Engineering Insurance’ industry. As an independent service provider, we are able to offer fair and unbiased assessment and opinion of risk through both field survey and home office review.

Services are offered to both Engineering Construction Insurers and Insurers of Engineered Operational risks such as Operational Power, Heavy Industries and Process Plants.

For Engineering Construction insurers our services range from desktop review through single stand-alone construction site survey to full construction project risk control services and can be tailored to suit each risk or insurer’s requirements.

For Operational insurers we can provide pre-attachment desktop review, pre-attachment survey and mid-term review / survey of both stand-alone and complex schedules of risks.

CSL Engineering also offers DSU review / progress monitoring services for both Engineering Construction and Project Cargo insurers.

We also have a range of complementary services which can help reduce risk associated with the movement of equipment from set down location to final placement.

CSL Engineering is led by Dave Kent (MA,IEng) with over 35 years of experience in heavy industry spanning the project life cycle from development, construction, commissioning, and the operational phase. As an experienced international risk survey engineer, Dave has undertaken surveys at a wide range of facilities including car manufacturing, open cast mining equipment, gas plant installations, power plants, wind turbines, metal waste recycling and top Five Star hotels in Dubai. This broad range of industry and risk engineering experience is invaluable when surveying heavy industrial processes during both the construction and operation phases of the project life cycle.  

With the combination of engineering, construction and insurance industry experience we are able to offer measured advice from a well-founded position in a non-prescriptive manner. Working in conjunction with both the insured and insurer we can help to minimise risk of loss using methods that are agreeable to all parties.

Through full project risk control, we are able to offer not only field-based assessment of risk, but by regular review of progress reports, can also keep underwriters informed of activities of interest as they occur through the life of the project.

As part of CSL Global, CSL Engineering has access to complementary skills and services from an established and trusted provider of marine surveying and engineering services to the international marine insurance and allied industries. These can be bundled to form a suite of services tailored to each project.

There is more information available in the CSL Cargo Conversations podcasts and in our Useful Information page here.

The CSL Engineering Risk Management leaflet.

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