Risk Assessments and Method Statements combine to identify task-specific risks and provide detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to safely perform each task, and reduce risks to an acceptable minimum. Correct preparation and implementation of Method Statement processes provides clear guidance and education to the workforce involved, protects personnel and equipment, and increases operational efficiency.  

CSL Global works with clients to ensure that risks are properly assessed, and that Method Statements are correctly prepared for the intended activities, address the identified risks at hand, and effectively reduce safety and operational risks.

We offer a range of consultancy solutions to assist clients with:

  • evaluation of project cargo handling and transportation risks, and assist clients with the preparation and implementation of the necessary Risk Assessment / Method Statement
  • development of Method Statement templates for general or specific cargo handling and transportation risks, including lifting, stowage and securing for all modes of transport
  • conducting an objective review of Risk Assessments/ Method Statements prepared by third parties involved in the project cargo supply chain
  • ensuring that Method Statements provided by different parties for overlapping activities¬†(e.g. handling the same item of cargo at different stages of the transit) are appropriate and compatible