CSL Global was originally founded as “Cargo Solutions Limited” in August 1999, and commenced trading on January 1st 2000. We wanted to look forward and develop clearly-defined and professionally delivered risk management solutions that were based on creating measurable value and price certainty rather than the cheapest quote.  

Pitching a fixed-price option into a traditionally time and materials market was an enormous challenge, and, to a degree, this challenge remains today. It took over a year to sell our first fixed-price project cargo risk management programme. Since then we have delivered more than two thousand such programmes to a wide range of projects and megaprojects around the world.

As we enter a third decade, our range of infrastructure project risk management solutions has grown beyond cargo to include engineering, security, and cyber risk security. Developing and delivering these solutions with a high degree of cost certainty, remains the core of our business proposition.

Our people are the engine and the lifeblood of our business. Our desire to be successful, to innovate, deliver and sustain, and consistently provide a superior service to our clients, is exemplified by the actions and commitments of the people who work in our business.  Collaboration with like-minded partners has given us an enhanced ability to solve problems and create innovative solutions through sharing skill sets, strengths, and perspectives.

Throughout the past twenty years, we have grown teams and leaders that can adapt quickly to change, and respond rapidly and flexibly to client needs without compromising quality or losing focus on cost control. This is CSL Global: Our People

CSL Global Limited is ISO9001 accredited and fully compliant with the UK Governments Cyber Essentials scheme. 

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